This is XR Lab

XR Lab is proud to offer the first open environment in the world to combine unique cutting-edge technologies, in the form of the HTC Vive headset and hand controller and Omnideck treadmill, to provide 360⁰ freedom of movement. Not only that, we welcome everyone with an interest.

In XR Lab you can increase your knowledge of virtual reality (VR) on all levels.

- Discover – Everyone can test and experience the possibilities of VR.
- Learn – Lectures and networks for those of you who want to learn more about VR.
- Apply – The development of your company’s VR concepts, hopefully in collaboration with us.

Discover boundless VR

Come to us and discover virtual reality (VR) as you’ve never experienced it before. After a brief introduction to the world of VR, we offer our visitors the opportunity to test the unique combination of the HTC Vive headset and hand controller and the Omnideck 360⁰ treadmill. Using a demonstration setup, you can explore the possibilities of free and unlimited virtual experience; in sound, vision, interactivity and – not least – movement.

Learn to use VR technology

XR Lab arranges lectures and events with a clear focus on VR. Our network includes over 80 active users. Here, you can build up your own network of contacts with a variety of VR-related expertise and interests. Participation is free of charge. XR Lab wants to stimulate creativity and the free exchange of ideas throughout Kronoberg County. Sign up for the XR Lab network by simply joining our Meetup Group.

Apply technology with us

Does your company have a development project concept related to virtual reality (VR) that would benefit from access to our VR Room? At Videum, we love to collaborate and together we can investigate the possibility of obtaining financing for innovative VR projects. Together, we can contribute to the evolution of the technology and/or its areas of use while simultaneously raising the level of innovation in the region. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your idea.